The Sunshine State

For the Kim family vacation, we went aaaallll the way to Florida.  And I say it like that because this is how our flights this summer were:
1) NC --> Portland
2) Portland --> SLC
a couple days later....
3) SLC --> Florida
4) Florida --> SLC
a few weeks later... .
5) SLC --> back to NC

Never. Never will I do this again.  Going aaaaalllll the way across the country to the farthest (continental) time zone... then going back to the original time zone we were in.... then essentially back to the same time... then back again to our original?  (I can't even write it correctly because it is just so nonsensical).  Anyway, needless to say, not the most efficient way to spend our time, but it was a lot of fun this summer.  And hey, at least we can say we did it, right?  (But seriously, never again).

Anyway, we wanted to go to Florida because 1) Yunnie is on her mission and minus one in my family is kind of a big deal.  So, in order to compensate, we decided the Happiest Place on Earth would do the job in replacing her.  2) The beach.  Enough said. Sure, we could've gone to California... but we really thought the airline business needed our business.  ;)  [my parents actually were condo shopping.  Main reason why we tagged along/turned into vacation.]

So, here are our adventures in pictures with (hopefully) small/short commentary! Enjoy!!

Magic Kingdom: 
We had four-day/amusement-park hopping passes.  We went to Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, then Magic Kingdom again during our time there.  I only have pictures for a couple places though! 
I dream about going back all the time.  Seriously overpriced.  But so so so happy. 

Not quite sure what to think... but boy, was he in for a GREAT surprise!! 

See that really dark raincloud behind the castle?  Shortly after this picture was taken, it was Hurricane Disney.  No joke.  Winds were CRAZY.  We were separated from my parents and Auden to buy some ponchos, so Nelson went to go get them and he was outside for 2 seconds and got soaked.  Just the back side though because he was holding on to a pole so he wouldn't get blown away.  After about 30 minutes of the hurricane, it calmed down, but rained off an on for the rest of the day which was great because it wasn't hot at all.  It was the perfect temperature.  People had left because it was midday when we got there and the rain was comin down.  The lines were tolerable (especially if you had a FastPass :)  It was the perfect  day for the Magic Kingdom. 

Same day, just a change of clothes.  He was SOAKED.  Good thing I came prepared!  Good mama point! 

 My happy, happy boy. 
PS: Nelson picked out this outfit.  Adorable, right?

This was his pose after he told me to take his picture.  I love the little hands in his lap.  
(and i love his short-shorts. :)  

Hollywood Studios:
This was at Hollywood Studios where they did a live Disney Junior show.  If we went now, Auden would have the time of his life.  He LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Then, he wasn't quite sure what to do.  Especially when the confetti came down.  "What is this garbage doing?!? Clean this up!  Stop singing!  There is garbage on the floor!"  

If I could blur my face....
Auden wasn't a fan of the ponchos, but isn't he sooo cute!? 

When we were in Boston, Auden LOVED to chase all the geese.  So, naturally, when he saw the ducks, he went to go greet his long lost friends.   

Always battling each other... [insert hashtag: boyswillbeboys]

We discovered that Auden is not afraid of the pool.  And will run to it every time he sees it...... 

 I'm pretty sure I sabotage all our family photos.

Siesta Key/Sarasota, FL
Then we made our way West to the beach!! Fun fact: very minimal shark attacks on this side of Florida!  Woo hoo! 

After the Star Trek movies... we've really been into Star Trek.  And Auden does the Volcan "live long and prosper" sign well (sometimes) so we tried to get him to do for Yunnie.  Obviously, we failed. But I still think he looks so adorable all tanned in his jumpsuit/swimsuit!  

 Last full day we were there, we did the funnest thing: paddleboarded and kayaked in a manatee zone!! AAAAHHHH! Why hadn't we done this the whole time we were there!  Ever since I was in the 2nd grade, I have LOVED manatees!  Sadly, so so so sadly, after four hours (and crazy nasty horrible BRIGHT red sunburns on my legs) later... I didn't see a single manatee.  We can however, say we are expert paddleboarding/kayaking wizards!  In calm/non-shark infested waters AND the ocean! Go Team Pace! 

 Auden got this great gift from one of my dad's clients in Florida.  It plays extremely calming music or sounds of waves and shines a light as if you were looking on the bottom of the ocean floor at night.  It's pretty much the best, life-saving toy ever.  

Thumb in the pocket: Kills me every time. 

yeah... that tan went away very quickly. 

Back to Utah!!! 

This was my birthday.  Great day with my family.  

Well, these are about all the summer pictures I have with me currently.  Hopefully I'll be able to do a post later once I get my pictures from my other computer.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed I don't go MIA again after this....... keeping my fingers crossed.......

Hope you had a fantastic, happy, happy, happy summer like us!!!

And we're baaaaaack

Whew! Hey there!!! Did you miss us??

It has been a long time since we've checked in, and a lot has changed since my last post. Like...

First, we are no longer in Boston.  [insert a few tears here]
It's still so weird to me that we aren't hearing sirens every 10 minutes.  It's extremely hard that I can't just walk to the grocery store.  I actually have to meal plan!! I guess it's good.... and bad.  There goes spontaneity in dinner!  Spaghetti will be a gooood friend until I'm better at planning grocery trips. Anyway, but yes:  We have relocated to Chapel Hill, NC!!  We're in the South, yo!  To be honest, I love it.... and then I don't love it sometimes.  Auden has just thrived here.  So it's great to see him loving it.  Nelson feels more at home since he's from Texas (plus they have Blue Bell Ice Cream).  Me.... it's different.  It's somewhere that I had never imagined myself living.  Boston was always an option.  But the South.... well, I had never seen myself coming in this direction.  I just need some time for me to adjust.  And then I will really love it here. But Boston will always, always have a piece of my heart.

Second, Nelson is back in school! 
My genius of a husband finished his masters in May and now has started the doctoral program as a Tar Heel (UNC).  Looks like we'll be here for the next four/five years.  Or more because we love it here? Who knows!

To update people/inform for the first time.... 
I was planning on starting law school this fall.  But, in the last second, I decided not to.  Something just didn't feel right.  I would only have gone to school during the nights and three days a week, but I wasn't quite ready to be away from Auden and Nelson like that.  Not just yet.  Also, Nelson and I visited the school during the summer when we first got here.  I really believe in feeling a connection with your campus-- there's got to be the magic when you take your first steps onto the grounds.  I just didn't feel it.  Plus, I felt better about a different school.  If I was going to do law school, then I am going to DO law school: If I'm paying the tuition, putting in the hours, and attempting to balance a school life + family life, I might as well do it at a school that I really want.  After prayer, thought, and discussion with my partner in crime.. we decided to wait.  So, I'm retaking the LSAT in December and applying for next fall.

We found a GREAT mexican tacqueria!! 
This was a "had to" on my list of exploration here.  It was VERY important we find a good Mexican place because we had THE. BEST. no seriously. The BEST Mexican food just five minutes walk away from our place in Boston.  I will never find a place with as good of hot sauce as El Pelon... but we found a place with excellent food.  (This just happened last night).  (friends in boston: if you come visit, BRING ME EL PELON SAUCE!!! You will be graciously rewarded at any all-you-can-eat here, because they are plentiful  :)

Well, I can't really think of anything too crazy-cool to share... So I will now proceed to post pictures of our summer.  Unfortunately, I only have pictures of my Kim vacation because my kind dad got me a new computer for my birthday and I transferred my pictures from the Pace vacation before I switched computers.  Then I left my computer in Utah.  So, to my in-laws: I am sorry that I can't post anything from our AWESOME vacation together.  I promise this wasn't intentional.... I promise. 


hello, beautiful

Oh, this city.  
I don't think I've been more blown away by the beauty of this neighborhood than this spring.  It's been absolutely celestial.  If I imagine heaven.... there's got to be this many cherry blossoms, magnolia trees, etc. everywhere.  These pictures were from our anniversary weekend.  Nelson surprised us with a picnic at Piers Park in East Boston.  I wish I could have spent every day there during this blossoming part of the year.  In a bittersweet moment though, it's been starting to fade.  Neon pink turns to baby pink to white.... to green.  Not just any green, but the brightest green you've ever seen.  It's fascinating to see this vivid of colors everywhere and I do love the green, but there was something so magical about cherry blossoms floating around you.  A light pink snow enveloping you in it's airy music.  Breathtaking.  

I guess it's about time we say it..... but in a blink of an eye, our time here in Boston has come to an end. We will be spending the next chapter of our lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!! Another pretty portion of this country.  We really are lucky to be putting roots down in some gorgeous places.  The thought of moving brings pangs of all different emotions.  One hand, I am so sad to leave this place. our home. especially since seeing this spring.  It saddens me that Auden is leaving before being able to comprehend and experience Boston.  The other hand, Chapel Hill is so alluring... with it's siren song of comfortable, more suburban-like living.  Oh, but I have loved living in this city!  The fact that we essentially only use the car once a week has been fabulous.  So many activities available at the tip of our fingers.  So attainable.  But Chapel Hill feels right.  We know this is where we are supposed to be, and because of that, the pain of saying goodbye lessens a little bit.  For those who haven't been able to see us while we've lived here.... don't worry!  A part of us will always be here and we'll be happy to come visit with you. Also, anyone up for renting a beach house along the coast of NC?  Won't that be a bucket full of fun?? :) 

P.S. I realize that these pictures are very similar to our Forest Hills Cemetery adventure...
I guess I like to throw nature in Auden's face?? ;) He sure does love it though.